Sky Controll Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság (Sky Controll Commercial and Services Limited Partnership) is a private company established in December 2001. Sky Controll Bt. is engaged in the all-round organization of events, hostess services, interpretation and "Lady programmes" (organization of programmes for spouses and escorts of event participants). We have have been actively involved in the organization of several events where we have been contacted as a company or a private person to do various works.

Such an event was, for instance, the International Conference of the Robert Schumann Institute where renowned Hungarian and international speakers from the banking and business sector were invited to deliver presentations at a 3-day seminar to scholarship students. Another instance was the Taiwanese Businessmen's Meeting where businesses from Taiwan and Hungary had the opportunity to meet. Of course, a comprehensive range of organization services was rendered at these events including the selection of venues, guest transportation, ccommodation, catering and also the provision of presentation materials.

I was the organization manager of the Diabetes Conference with 10,000 participants in 2002 occupying the entire venue of the Budapest Vásárközpont (Budapest Fair Centre). Those interested had the chance to see diabetes-related programmes held by various international speakers. We were responsible for all the organization and technical work. Upon specific request, our company compiled interesting draft programmes for tourism purposes (bird-watching, visit to spas and conservation areas for visitors with special interests). In 2003, Sky Controll Bt. was engaged in a "road show" to promote the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development at 12 venues in Hungary for almost a year.


This series of forums had the objective to inform farmers on new bidding criteria becoming effective for them subsequent to Hungary's EU accession. In the course of this we were responsible for the selection of venues (in accordance with previous polling) and the technical preparation and management of the events (including registration and catering). In 2005 and 2006, Sky Controll Bt. organized the International Energetics Conference held several times upon the request of the Corvinus University with Hungarian and international participants of the profession. Our company also organized the international conference "The effect of Robert Schumann's thoughts on today's Europe" with prominent guest speakers such as the former Prime Ministers of France, Belgium and Hungary. Our responsibilities included multi-language hostess duties, registration and also the supervision of catering.


In addition, Sky Controll Bt. is ready to render various interpretation services (in English, German, etc.), informal tour guiding (shopping and organization of cultural programmes) and escorting.


Imola Fodor

Company Manager
(+36 70 70 111 59)